Fluency Foundations is a 12-week training program designed to accelerate your fluency and transform the way you communicate in English!
It is available to members who choose our Quarterly or Yearly membership plans.


What to expect in Fluency Foundations

When you sign up for a Quarterly or Yearly Plan, you’ll receive an email each week with a video lesson created by one of our English Coaches.
The Coach will set a focus for the week ahead, and give you a specific task to complete that week.
Over 12 weeks, you’ll get step-by-step guidance to help you:
  • change your mindset and transform your relationship with English;
  • create healthy English habits and a regular practice routine; and
  • set up and work towards your English goals!

The Fluency Foundations course helps you get to where you want to go - faster! 

With strong foundations, you will soon feel more confident to speak up and express yourself naturally in English!


How do I get it?

Fluency Foundations is available to anyone who signs up for our Quarterly or Yearly Plan.
If you’re on a Monthly membership, go to your Membership Settings page and make the switch! You’ll receive the first training video right away.
Not a member yet? Click here to sign up! You’ll receive the first training video within 24 hours, giving you time to explore the platform before you get started!
Got a question? Send us an email to  - our Support Team is here to help!